Boxers under Solomon Islands Amateur Boxing Association (SIABA) competing in the ‘2023 Golden Gloves’ championship in Queensland have bagged one Gold and five Silver medals.

This brings a total of ‘six medals' being won at the ‘2023 Golden Gloves’ championship by Solomon Islands Amateur Boxers.

Winning medals in the ‘2023 Golden Gloves’ championship are;

1. Sophia Teionima -50kg Female jnr category-(lost in the final's on points decision-Silver)
2. Phineus Pitakoe (50kg lost in two finals-double Silver)
3. Junior Navo (57kg lost in the final’s points decision-Silver)
4. David Samo Ledi (92kg lost in the final’s points decision-Silver), and
5. Max Makana (60kg won in the final's points decision-Gold).

The competition itself was very tough admit Boxing Coach John San.

Apart from Australia’s boxers, Coach San explain that there were other Pacific countries attending the competition.

“There we met up with boxers from New Zealand [NZ], Papua New Guinea [PNG] and Nauru. For us SI, it is a first time to attend this competition and it is an eye opener for our boxers as well as us the coaches. We have learnt a lot from this tournament. The team has identified a lot of gaps to be filled in, where we need to improve on in most areas,” said San.

SIABA gives acknowledgement to SINIS for taking initiative in assisting to enable them to compete in the ‘2023 Golden Gloves’.

“Without SINIS, we would have not come this far, thank you very much for the support to attend the competition,” said San.

“I would like to thank my assistant Coach Jeffery Lifu Loemae and our Physiotherapist Michael Agi from SINIS as well for their presence and support during this competition.

"Lastly to include, ‘Team Boxing’ say thank you to all the friends, fans and families abroad and back home because without your continuous support and prayers, things cannot go well. As the saying goes, ‘it takes a team to build a team’,” said San.

Boxers under Solomon Islands Amateur Boxing Association (SIABA) competing in the ‘2023 Golden Gloves’ championship are;
1. Max Makana (60kg)
2. Sophia Teionima (50kg)
3. Dennis Illaha (54kg)
4. Pemberton Lele (63kg)
5. Hansol Ramo (75kg)
6. Phineus Pitakoe (50kg)
7. Junior Navo (57kg), and
8. David Samo Ledi (92kg).
The two Coaches travelling with ‘Team Boxing’ are;
1. John San
2. Jeffery Lifu Loemae (Assistant Coach)
1. Michael Agi (SINIS)

The ‘2023 Golden Gloves’ championship concluded last Sunday August 27, as Solomon Islands ‘Team Boxing’ will return today.

Source: SINIS Media