The Vice Chancellor of the Solomon Islands National University (SINU), Professor Transform Aqorau, today released a statement reiterating their dedication to upholding the highest standards of probity and governance within the institution.

“It is my mission to cement a robust foundation of good governance during my tenure,” stated the Vice Chancellor.

This initiative aims to boost the core values of the institution and to encourage donors to invest, especially in the optimization of information management systems and processes.

“We are determined to shield our systems from any potential manipulation and corrosion.”

The Vice Chancellor also emphasized the importance of due diligence in every university procedure and urged any members of the university community or the public who are aware of any improprieties to report these through the proper channels.

“A thorough and proper investigation is only possible when allegations are backed by evidentiary support and submitted in writing to the University Management,” the Vice Chancellor added.

The statement also addressed the evolving digital landscape, with the Vice Chancellor highlighting that while social media has its place, a personal Facebook post does not serve as an official report.

“Basing investigations on social media posts can set a precarious precedent. It’s essential to distinguish between a post and a formal complaint.”

The Vice Chancellor concluded by appealing to everyone: “Should you be aware of any discrepancies; I implore you to make a formal written complaint. This ensures that the matter is given the appropriate attention and due diligence.”

Lastly, the University reminds everyone of potential legal consequences for allegations posted on personal social media, which might be considered defamatory.

The University is committed to maintaining its integrity and reputation and urges the community to work collectively in this endeavor.

Source: Press Release