The ongoing shortage of drugs in the country is being addressed, officials from the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) say.

The Opposition Leader, Mathew Wale, recently blasted the health ministry for neglecting the country's chronic drug shortages.

He says clinics in the provinces have had problems with the timely supply of much-needed medical prescription drugs, forcing many to come to Honiara for treatment.

“My office has been reliably informed that there is a serious drug shortage situation around all hospitals and clinics around the country. We have been informed of the same situation in Honiara, Gizo, Auki and Buala," Wale said.

He says essential drugs such as panadol, antibiotics, anti-fugal, anti-inflammatory, ibuprofen, ampicillin, and diclofenac, including IV antibiotics and dressings are out of stock, according to Wale.

The ongoing drug shortage is a concern for the public, with many expressing dismay and anger at the neglect by relevant authorities.

“We are spending millions for a game that will only last for two weeks, when we cannot even address our health problems,” stated Sue, a mother of two, sitting at the outpatient area at the national referral hospital.

"I have been here since morning, and still no one is available to see my sick child.

"How can people still occupy these high offices at the ministry when they fail the country?"