Member of Parliament for West Kwaio Constituency HonClaudius Tei’ifi says the ‘big fish’ behind the ethnic crisis are still out there.

Speaking during the TRC Report debate in Parliament recently, the West Kwaio MP said the so called big fish who are the real perpetrators behind the crisis should face justice for bringing this country down to its knees during those years. He said victims of the ethnic crisis need justice.

“The people of this nation especially victims of the ethnic tension have been waiting for too long to know the real truth about cause of the ethnic tension,” he said.

Hon. Tei’ifi said the real perpetrators and instigators must be exposed and face justice.

“All victims must be well compensated for their loss, suffering, and pain during those darkest moments in the history of our beloved country Solomon Islands,” he said.

The West Kwaio MP has also conveyed his respects to families that have lost loved ones, properties, wealth and those that suffered tremendously during the crisis.

“I believe that this report as we debate in this Honourable house will bring forth many bad memories of the lost, sufferings, sense of bitter regrets, and abiding sorrows on many who have lived through that darkest period of our history.

"I regret that a good number of victims who suffered tremendously as a result of the events were not able to live today to listen and see the course of actions the government would take to address those issues that affected them during that time,” Hon Tei’ifi told Parliament.

He said the seriousness of the matter has been down played for the past 20 years and many victims have been denied simple justice.

“The seriousness of the matter does not warrant us in this chamber to continue throw stones at each other over our shortfalls,” he said.

The West Kwaio MP said leaders in this country must take serious consideration on how to address the underlying cause of the ethnic crisis.

Source: Opposition Press