The National Hosting Authority (NHA) has been forced to clarify debates on social media concerning the size of the national stadium.

The NHA secretariat says the misleading information circulated by certain individuals only seeks to mislead the public on the worthiness of PG2023 sports facilities. 

"In regards to the national stadium, the construction is fully compliant with football, rugby and athletics international standards. The process of certification is yet to be completed but there is no doubt it will be certified.

"The contractor used local and oversees experts who provided guidance to ensure constructions meets building standards as well as respective international federation standards. Therefore the venue will be able to be used for Olympic and Commonwealth games pre-qualifications," the statement reads. 

Executive Director of NHA Christian Nieng made made this clarification and further called on individuals to verify information with NHA and to avoid confusing the public.

"We are 104 (as of Monday 7th Aug 2023) days away from the Pacific Games opening ceremony. We must be united as a nation and be proud with our achievements and he called on everyone to be confident that Umi Tugeda will deliver successful 2023 Pacific Games.

"What we need most now is to be united and be prepared to welcome athletes and visitors rather than finding ways to confuse and disunite the nation. NHA and its committees are all set with their role to help us deliver and what we now needed most is the support of everyone.

"Its our games so let us unite and one people from Solomon Islands and support NHA and its committees who are working very hard to help us deliver the games in 104 days time," said Mr Nieng.