The legal challenge surrounding the extension of Parliament went before the high court today.

Solomon Islands leader of the Independent Group, John Kuku filed the legal suit last month challenging the legality of the extension of Parliament to 2024.

Parliament September last year passed the extension of Parliament by amending the constitution.

The constitutional amendment though met with opposition was passed in September 2022, which subsequently resulted in the deferral of the dissolution of parliament by seven months.

The Leader and his legal team are confident that this legal challenge will bring about a thorough examination of the Act and the parliamentary procedures in question.

Meanwhile, Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) Commissioner Mr. Mostyn Mangau says, “Mentioning a matter before court is just a normal court process, whereby both parties to the case present papers relating to the matter before the court. It is not the process to determine a court result or decision regarding the matter."

Commissioner Mangau says, “We do not anticipate any problems and would like to encourage businesses, schools, clinics and other essential services to continue as normal. Be assured that the RSIPF will be closely monitoring the situation and should anything arise, your police is ready to deal with it.”

Mr. Mangau adds: “I call on all good law abiding citizens of Solomon Islands to remain calm and go about their business and lives as usual. I appeal to our good citizens, especially in Honiara to respect the rule of law, and to refrain from speculating false rumours to the public through social media platforms, as that may create fear and panic to citizens."

“Refrain from unlawful activities. Unlawful activities such as Violence will only destroy our families, our communities and our country. Let us embrace peace in our hearts, in our families, in our communities and in our country,” says Commissioner Mangau.

RSIPF urges members of the public to pass on any information about anyone planning to disturb the peace and rule of law in our country. You can contact your nearest police station or call the Police National Centre on phone 23666 or the toll free 999.

With Police Media