A delegation from the Republic of Kiribati are currently in country to meet with key stakeholders on trade between the two countries.

The delegation which is made up of Kiribati’s Ministries of commerce, Biosecurity and other senior government officials are in the Solomon Islands with the intention to finalize the facilitation of export trade between the two countries.

The trip to the Solomon Islands builds on the first bilateral meeting held in Kiribati on 19th September 2019.

Since then, Kiribati Biosecurity has been working with Biosecurity Solomon Islands to formalize a list of potential crops for export from Solomon Islands. Kiribati is also proposing a list of products they also wish to trade with Solomon Islands.

This will be one of the main agenda of a Bilateral meeting currently underway today (Friday 21st July).

Solomon Islands delegation involved in the bilateral meeting and discussions include the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Environmental health and Food safety, PHAMA PLUS, Ministry of Forestry and the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.


Source: Press Release, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade