The Solomon Islands Council of Trade had a meeting yesterday afternoon with the Solomon Islands National Union of Workers.

Speaking with the General Secretary of SINUW, Mr. Tony Kangovai, this morning, he said that the meeting was about their Log of Claims, which was submitted to the government in October last year for three years, 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Mr. Kangovai said that they made a pursuant on the Log of Claims to the provisions of a signed Collective Agreement made between the Unions and the government.

He said that their main aim of submitting the Log of Claim is for the government to have considerations in their General Wage Increase which is for a normal wage increase.

The normal wage increase is for the three years for their cost of living and it is a total of 33 per cent based on the Central Bank of Solomon Islands' index.

Mr. Kangovai said that in the submission, they also asked for the government to provide assistance the Unions and Associations.

He said that the Unions and associations want the issue to be discussed and negotiated this year.

He said that the issue does not involve the SINUW because they were a private sector.

But Mr. Kangovai said that even though it is a private sector, he fully supported the log of claims.

"I am looking forward for the negotiations of the government and the Unions to amicably solve through norms in the field of industrial relations," said Mr. Kangovai.