The Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet has endorsed this year’s 45th Independence Anniversary Theme following submissions from officials early this month.

The Theme for this year is “Rising Above and Overcoming our Challenges as One People.”

A statement from OPMC today explained that the theme calls for our collective responsibility as one people to reflect on our past challenges, learn from them and rise above them as we navigate our journey into the future.

The Theme also summed up the struggles of the last three years, which, have impacted negatively on the country in many ways.

“Our Nation has been tested in the last three years by both external and internal events. We have witnessed the pain, suffering and loses brought on us by covid-19. Lives were lost, schools closed, health services reduced, movements and trade severely restricted, families separated for months and years, our economy besieged and our way of life changed to levels never seen before,” the statement said.

The celebrations this year will include a Thanksgiving Church Service on the morning of Thursday 6 June at the Saint Barnabas Cathedral to be followed by a gospel live music concert at the HCC Youth Hub at Multi-purpose Hall in the evening.

On July 7, two float parades from the East and West ends of Honiara will proceed towards Lawson Tama stadium at 6:00am prior to the main official police parade, speeches, honors and awards ceremony and cultural entertainments at Lawson Tama stadium.

A Live Music and String Band concert will also be hosted by the National Organizing Committee at the HCC Youth Hub at the Multi-purpose Hall throughout the day.

Solomon Islands gained political independence from Britain on 7 July 1978.

No major celebrations were held for the last three years as a result of covid-19 restrictions.


Source: Press Release, Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet