The Solomon Islands national futsal team is gearing up for an exciting series of friendly matches against the Futsalroos, the Australia national futsal team.

The matches will take place in Sydney on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th of July, providing an excellent opportunity for both teams to showcase their skills and test their abilities.

Head coach Damon Shaw, an English coach with a wealth of experience in futsal, has carefully selected a 14-man squad for the upcoming matches. Shaw’s expertise and tactical acumen will be crucial in guiding the Kurukuru through these challenging encounters.

With the matches being held in Australia, the Solomon Islands team will have the chance to face tough competition in the form of the Futsalroos, currently ranked 38th in the FIFA Futsal Ranking.

The Solomon Islands’ previous matches against Vietnam resulted in losses, with the Vietnamese team securing a 5-0 victory in both encounters.

However, these matches against Australia will serve as an opportunity for the Kurukuru to regroup and make a strong comeback. Facing a team ranked higher in the FIFA Futsal Ranking will provide them with a great test of their abilities and allow them to identify areas that require improvement.

The Kurukuru, currently ranked 53rd in the FIFA Futsal Ranking, will need to display their resilience, teamwork, and individual talent to compete against the Futsalroos. This series of friendly matches will help them fine-tune their strategies, build chemistry among the players, and gain valuable experience against high-quality opposition.

The matches against the Futsalroos are crucial in the Kurukuru‘s preparation for the upcoming OFC Futsal Nations Cup, scheduled to take place later this year. The tournament will give the champions a place in the upcoming FIFA Futsal World Cup – Solomon Islands will be aiming to play the World Cup for the 5th time in a row.

With the guidance of coach Damon Shaw, the Solomon Islands national futsal team will aim to put their recent losses behind them and focus on their strengths. The friendly matches against the Futsalroos will serve as a platform for the Kurukuru to assess their progress, gain confidence, and make necessary adjustments before the important OFC Futsal Nations Cup.