Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh Damukana Sogavare MP, was the chief guest at the recent Solomon Islands Football Federation Congress.

The Solomon Islands Football Federation is the governing body of football responsible for promotion and development of the game in Solomon Islands.

Addressing the congress, Prime Minister Sogavare call for reaffirmation of commitment to the beautiful game that ignites the power of sports diplomacy.

“It is a game that transcends boundaries and unites us, regardless of our different walks of life. It instils in us a sense of national pride and camaraderie.”

The Prime Minister describes football as a powerful force for unity and inclusivity, bringing together communities, fostering friendships and breaking down barriers.

He stated, football creates a shared language that bridges divides and celebrates the country’s diversity.

“It has taught us the values of teamwork, discipline, and fair play, shaping the character of our young men and women and preparing them for the challenges of life.”

He stated, the victories and defeats of our national team have ignited passions and sparked spirited debates in living rooms, marketplaces, and halls of power alike.It is through football that Solomon Islands have witnessed the power of sport diplomacy, where rivalries give way to friendships and diplomacy transcends political differences.

Prime Minister Sogavare also pay tribute to the outgoing SIFF President, Willie Lai’s dedication in advancing football in the country.

“Under his stewardship, football in the Solomon Islands has reached new heights, gaining recognition on the international stage and becoming a beacon of hope for aspiring athletes,” the Prime Minister stated.

Mr. Lai’s passion for the game, coupled with his astute leadership, has transformed the Solomon Islands Football Federation into an institution that is admired and respected across the region.

The Prime Minister also commend Mr. Lai’s emphasis on promoting gender equality within the federation. This does not only transform the landscape of football in our nation but also inspired a generation of girls to break barriers and strive for greatness, a legacy that will continue to shape the future of football in our nation for years to come.

Outgoing President, Willie Lai meanwhile highlighted and described Prime Minister Sogavare’s assistance and support to SIFF as incalculable.

The new SIFF Academy now near completion is the result of the support from Prime Minister Sogavare and FIFA.

“Leaders come and go but today for the records, Prime Minister and FIFA, did a great job for the future of football in the country. The Newly built SIFF Academy is one of the best in the region. With infrastructure support from the National government, the future of football in Solomon Islands is bright,” said outgoing president Lai.


Source: Press Release, PM Press Secretariat