Mrs. Nicola Jones, the Technical Delegate for Netball, recently visited the country to evaluate the Netball facilities and train representatives from the Solomon Islands National Netball Federation (SINFED) as bench officials for the games.

Mrs. Jones, who is also involved in the regional netball qualifiers for this year’s World Netball Cup, said “the Pacific Games is one of the biggest games and it’s an opportunity for all our associate members within the Oceania to notice and challenge themselves. We will have Netball teams that have been to the world cup, with the likes of Fiji. This will be a world ranking games so it is an opportunity for our full member countries to actually enhance and improve to keeping their world ranking.”

This will make the Netball Sport highly competitive and contribute to the world rankings of participating teams. It’s a great opportunity for Oceania member countries to improve their rankings and further develop their Netball programs.

During Mrs. Jones’ visit, she organized a three-day workshop that proved to be highly beneficial.

As a result of this workshop, there will be a selection process to choose 20 individuals who will serve as Bench Officials during the Games.

The opportunity allows members of the Netball Federations in Solomon Islands to learn and develop new skills in order to perform at high performance as Officials during the Games. Furthermore, the presence of bench officials from the Oceania region provides a valuable chance for collaboration and sharing of knowledge.

Mrs. Jones has expressed her excitement upon seeing the proposed venue, Friendship Hall, which she praised as an excellent facility capable of accommodating umpires and players during the games.


Source: Press Release, GOC