The Solomon Islands Men's Indoor volleyball team has bagged the Bronze from the "Flaming Chalice 2023" Tournament in Australia, setting a history for Indoor volleyball in the Solomon Islands.

This has set a new record and history for the Solomon Islands Indoor Volleyball men's team who were said to 'not' have managed to scoop a medal from previous games in international tournaments.

The National Indoor Volleyball Coach for men, Thomas Tebaubau in appreciation of the result thanked the men's Indoor Volleyball team for their hardwork throughout the tournament and for their achievement.

"I really thank the boys for making history in the country's Indoor Volleyball for men by winning the Bronze," said Tebaubau.

Solomon Islands Indoor Volleyball also had other men and women's teams competing in the 'Men's Division and Women's Premier Division' who fought hard in their matches but were not able to reach the top fours.

"But this has been a good experience and exposure, as there are more areas to work on to improve in trainings and preparations," said Tebaubau.

"To the Solomon Islands Volleyball Federation [SIVF], thank you for all the support. To the Brisbane family and supporters attending the games to support 'Team Indoor Volleyball', thank you as well for all the support.

"Not forgetting the government and also Solomon Islands National Institute of Sport (SINIS) Executive Director, Aaron Alsop and SINIS Staff for supporting the team to travel. Thank you very much."

The 'Flaming Chalice 2023' Tournament concluded yesterday in Brisbane, but the teams are still expected to play exhibition matches today and return on Wednesday to the Solomon Islands. 


Source: Solomon Islands National Institute of Sport - SINIS