The country’s leading telecommunications provider, Our Telekom, is currently going through an internet outage in Honiara.

Social media is lit with complaints, at least for those that do have access – most on Wi-Fi at work or using the other telecommunication provider, Bemobile.

This is perhaps the first significant outage for Our Telekom, prompting many to question whether they will be capable of handling additional capacity – the much-touted 200 additional towers.

Others are also calling on Our Telekom to reload data that were not used today because of the outage.

Calls to Solomon Telekom management were not successful, with most calls diverted to customer service – who responded with “it will be up soon, our technicians are working on it.”

Solomon Telekom Company Limited (Our Telekom) is a joint venture company between Solomon Islands National Provident Fund, (SINPF) which holds 97.32% of the shares, and the Investment Corporation of the Solomon Islands (ICSI) which owns 2.68% of the shares.