Honiara Central Market (HCM) green waste is set to be turned into organic fertiliser under the Australia Solomon Islands Partnership, after Australia’s Strongim Bisnis program signed MOUs with Honiara City Council (HCC) and two private sector fertiliser producers.

Under the MOUs local organic fertiliser producers, Zai Na Tina and Prosperity Farm Supplies, will collect the green waste from HCM and use it in the production of their organic fertilisers.

The aim of the partnership between HCC, Australia and the private sector producers is to help manage Honiara’s green waste through collection of waste by fertiliser producers and to increase public-private collaboration recycling.

The Australian Government through Strongim Bisnis, will provide new waste infrastructure to increase the volume of usable green waste and allow for easier segregation from inorganic waste material.

Speaking at the signing ceremony Honiara City Clerk, Justus Denni said the initiative would address green waste issues faced by HCC.

“This is an answer to our concerns about organic waste management and HCC is a very willing partner in this initiative,

“We want to express our gratitude to Prosperity Farm Supplies and Zai Na Tina for agreeing to collect our green waste and thank Strongim Bisnis for making it possible,” Mr Denni said.

Prosperity Farm Supplies owner, Dr Vaqalo Maclean thanked the Australian Government for their support and said the initiative was ‘a win-win for all involved’.

“I want to thank the Australian Government for their support; this is a win-win situation; HCC gets their green waste removed and we gain a valuable resource for our organic farms and fertiliser production,” Dr Maclean said.

Dr Shane Tutua of Zai Na Tina farm said he was grateful the initiative was finally able to become a reality after many years of discussions with HCC.

“This is a momentous day for us as we have been trying to make this happen for many years. I don’t have enough words to thank all the stakeholders who have made this possible,” Mr Tutua said.

The Australian High Commission’s Counsellor for Economic Cooperation, Ms Alison Purnell, said the collaboration addressed many points along the green value chain.

“This is a clever but simple solution to a big challenge. This initiative solves a lot of issues down the value chain by not only addressing organic waste management but also producing organic fertiliser which in turn puts nutrients back into the soil, building stronger food security for Honiara.

The Australian Government is pleased to support under the Solomon Islands Australia economic partnership. It is excellent to be working with partners like Prosperity Farm Supplies, Zai Na Tina and HCC,” Ms Purnell said.

The partnership also includes training HCM employees and vendors on correct waste disposal, collection and segregation. Strongim Bisnis’ Business Advisor to the Waste Management sector, Tracey Elo thanked all parties and said the partnership had potential to ‘potential to create local jobs and economic opportunities’.

“I congratulate the Honiara City Council, Zai Na Tina and Prosperity Farms for launching this initiative and we hope we can continue finding innovative ways to address the waste management challenges in the country,” Ms Elo said.

Strongim Bisnis is funded under the Solomon Islands Australia economic partnership. The program works across the cocoa, coconut, tourism, financial services, timber, horticulture and waste management sectors, with a strong focus on creating opportunities for women, youth and people with disability.


Source: Press Release, Strongim Bisnis Communications