The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF)-Australian Federal Police (AFP) Policing Partnership Program (RAPPP) has continued to promote a community partnership with Solomon Islands people.

Since its commencement in mid-2021, RAPPP employed Locally Engaged Contractors (LEC) to assist in developing and delivering its program in support of the RSIPF. The AFP, through RAPPP, are committed to continuing to work with the RSIPF and Solomon Islands communities to support a peaceful secure future.

Meet Roy Kimisi, 24, of Malaita and Western Province parentage. Roy is one of the LECs who work with the RAPPP Health, Wellbeing, Gender, Community, Youth and Engagement (HWGCYE) team.

Recently, the RAPPP Executive announced Roy as the recipient of its first ‘LEC of the Quarter’ Award. The initiative was designed to recognise LEC members who support the AFP’s program in the country. The first award was presented to Roy in recognition of his valuable contribution to the Program.

Roy was first employed in logistics with the Solomon Islands Police Development Program (SIPDP), the predecessor of RAPPP. Roy’s talents were quickly identified and when RAPPP began, he was placed on the HWGCYE team.

Described as a good public speaker and approachable young man, Roy has become the face of a Copen Awareness Program RAPPP rolled out in schools this year. Roy has so far presented the Copen Awareness Program to over 8000 students and teachers from 16 High Schools in Honiara.

Feedback from the Copen Awareness Program has been very positive and other schools are now requesting the HWGCYE team to bring the Copen Awareness Program to their students.

Sergeant Tristan Collett from the RAPPP said the success of the Copen Awareness Program was possible through Roy's enthusiasm and passion, which has allowed him to create an instant connection with students.

Roy, who loves hanging-out with family and friends after a busy week at work, is enjoying what he is doing.

“I enjoy what I am doing now. Getting to meet new people, going to the gym for training and learning new skills has been so enjoyable,” Roy said.

He said working with RAPPP has taught him many new skills.

“I’ve learn a lot while working for RAPPP, like being on time, setting plans ahead to make things easier, public speaking and how to be assertive,” Roy said.

The LEC of the Quarter award was an initiative of the RAPPP Commander, Heath Davies. Commander Davies is delighted with the great work and achievements of LECs and wanted to make sure their efforts do not go un-noticed.

“It’s not about how high profile a role is; it’s about seeing great work and recognising it,” Commander Davies said.

The next ‘LEC of the Quarter’ award will be announced in June.


Source: Press Release, RSIPF Media