A man has been arrested in relation to a note written against Malaitans.

While not disclosing the suspect's identity, police confirmed that the man, reported to be from Malaita, is in custody and investigation is continuing into the matter.

The note was reportedly written as "a set up" and the suspect admitted to police to being the one responsible.

The note which was posted in front of the Honiara Magistrates Court Thursday morning was said to have contained racial slur against Malaitans.

A group of Malaitans gathered in protest at the Cultural Village, situated opposite the Central Police Station, demanding compensation from the national government for the written contents in the note.

Unconfirmed reports stated that some money was given to the group.

Speaking at a press conference on Friday, Deputy Commissioner of Operations, Peter Marshall, warned the public that police will not tolerate any mischief.

The press conference was told that police are working closely with chiefs from Reef Islands and Malaita to reach a mutual agreement.

Mr. Marshall warned the public that police will not be tolerating any misbehavior from people involved in the disagreement.