Solomon Islands' St. Josephs Catholic Secondary School moves into the new academic year with "big plans".

Like most schools around Solomon Islands, the school will resume classes next week.

The school's Deputy Principal, Abraham Haiuasi, said that they are preparing for the school's 2008 academic year with "big plans for improvement".

He revealed that long term plans are in place for the school, which they hope to implement this year.

Mr. Haiuasi said that quality education is going to be emphasized this year, as part of long term plans for the development of the school.

"We want to set a standard that would attract the nation," the Deputy Principal said.

He added that they want to provide the school with the best quality education, and also to ensure that discipline is in place in the school compound.

"We are determined to make our plans work as part of developing the standard of our school," said the Deputy Principal.

Solomon Times was also informed that the school will, this year, be introducing technology education.

"This year, computing will be introduced to all the students from forms one to six," added Mr. Haiuasi.

He stressed that in order to make quality education work, the stakeholders of the school must contribute in every way.

"It is team work to make our long term plans work, we need all the support from the stakeholders, teachers and parents," he said.