Ministry of Health and Medical Services together with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) on 12th Thursday signed Minutes of Discussions on the Preparatory Survey for the Project of improvement and expansion of Kiluúfi Hospital.

The project for the improvement and expansion of the Kiluúfi Hospital aimed to strengthen the function of Kilu’ufi Hospital by establishing a new central clinical building, delivery building, and updating its medical equipment, thereby contributing to the overall improvement of health services provided in Malaita Province.

Ministry of Health and Medical Services, Permanent Secretary Mrs. Pauline McNeil at the signing thanked the Japanese Government through JICA for the project support.

“The project is not only strengthening the health system and services of Kilu’ufi but also the country at large, serving as a significant alternative for the National Referral Hospital in terms of additional and provision of tertiary services in the Province ”, said the Permanent Secretary Mrs. McNeil.

Permanent Secretary added this is a very important project for the ministry and pledged the ministry’s commitment and support towards coordinating with all relevant authorities to ensure smooth implementation of the Project.

Japanese International Cooperation Agency, Preparatory Survey Team Leader Ms. Ito Akiko thanked the Ministry of Health Executive and its Technical team for working closely with the JICA survey team since the initial assessments, surveys and preliminary discussions in early 2022.

The JICA team leader, Ms. Ito said her team will continue to work closely with the ministry to ensure the project is implemented to serve, and save the lives of the Solomon Islanders who are to access this health facility.

Ms. Ito also said the project’s actual construction might start around the first quarter of 2024 and will be completed by end of 2025.

Meanwhile, the draft Preparatory Survey Report presented to the ministry by JICA team will be examined further by the Government of Japan for its cabinet approval before signing of exchange of notes and grant agreement.

Source: MHMS