Police at Tulagi in Central Island Province are investigating an infanticide incident in relation to the body of a female infant found washed ashore at Boromole Village seaside on 21 December 2022.

Provincial Police Commander for Central Province Superintendent David Soakai said, the body of the female infant was discovered following a strong odour that concerned those living near the seaside.

They went out in search of where the smell came from and discovered the human body of an infant.

The Crime Prevention Committee (CPC) in the village were alerted and called Tulagi police. Upon arrival police removed a cloth from the infant’s body and witnessed that it was a complete baby with her umbilical cord still intact.

The nurse confirmed that she is a complete baby approximately 40 centimeter in length and weighs 2.5 kilograms.

“Community did not supply any information of anyone suspected but believe that it washed ashore by the sea due to high tide during the day,” Mr Soakai said.

Enquiry into this matter has now been established as investigation continues.

“I want to appeal to Clinics and villages in Central Island Province and even Honiara Clinics and Hospital to look out for any woman experiencing belly ache that might attend for medical treatment that looks suspicious to call Tulagi Police on phone 32114 or 32999,” the Provincial Police Commander said.

Source: RSIPF Media