The once isolated rural East Choiseul Constituency (ECC) is now connected to the outside world via the internet, thanks to Fuzionnet Company Ltd following the successfully installation of a new internet service at Kumanibae the Constituency’s Development Centre Tuesday this week.

This means constituency officers can now able to work from their constituency office at Kumanibae and report back to the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) headquarter office in Honiara via emails.

And also, those that access the network can now hook up with their families and friends around the country and abroad through various online communication platforms such as email, facebook, WhatsApp and even watch and download music from YouTube.

Constituency Development Officer (CDO) Collin Bemama Qalokisa said the installation of the internet service is a milestone achievement for the constituency especially on the information and communications technology aspect adding that it is time we must embrace the digital era.

He added that the internet service is part of the constituency support to the community.

Mr. Qalokisa explained that the internet service will not only used by constituency officers manning the constituency centre but it will provide services to students from surrounding schools, communities, and people (constituents) who want to do their research work/assignments.

The wireless internet service was constructed, completed, switched on and became operational on Tuesday 4th October, 2022 with MRD officers who are in the constituency on a monitoring activity got the privilege to become the first user of the network.

Currently the public and people who want to access the internet service can pay $6 for an hour, a charge fee that is reasonable for rural communities. Money collected will be used to pay for the service monthly bills.

CDO Qalokisa expressed gratitude to Alphie Nelson, field Engineer from Fuzionnet Company Ltd for the job well done for the successful installation of the internet service.

Meanwhile, Alphie on behalf of Fuzionnnet company Ltd acknowledged the constituency for choosing their company for the work.

“It is an honour indeed and we are humbled to assist our Prime Ministers constituency to make sure people have ease of communication and access to needed information through the services that internet can provide.

“Thank you for choosing Fuznionnet for your internet and communications needs,” Mr. Alphie told CDO Qalokisa.

Alphie assured CDO Qalokisa that Fuznionet is stand ready to assist whenever there is a need arises. The network service can be accessed both indoor and outdoor through hotspots/wireless connectivity in an around the constituency development centre.

The internet service project is fully funded by the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) at a cost of $18,000.

Source: MRD Media