23 hockey coaches completed a 2days Coach Foundation Course with the Solomon Islands National Institute of Sport - SINIS Coach Development department together with technical support from the Solomon Islands Hockey Federation (SIHF) on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September 2022.

Through the coach development structure, the foundational training focused on delivering to participants’ basic resources and information, which will provide the basis for ongoing professional development.

These training programs will see a shift in the focus towards developing practical coaching skills and self-development and therefore better trained coaches to meet the demands of the game.

President of the Hockey Federation, Winki Yee, commended participants for the successful completion of the program, saying that such initiatives will have significant influence upon players and coaches, helping them to grow in the game of hockey.

He says that he highly recommends such trainings, and urges participants to keep pushing for higher levels of coaching accreditation to take the game to a new level.

“It’s a positive initiative to get our coaches to learn more and grow interest in hockey. It is an enjoyable and straightforward training program involving learning session and a practical evaluation – updated rules of the game.

“We are looking forward to participate in more of these in the future, preparing our coaches and athletes,” Mr Yee said.

Source: SINIS Media