A 28 days strike notice has been issued by the Solomon Islands National Union of Workers (SINUW) to the management of Guadalcanal Plains Palm Oil Limited.

The strike notice became effective as of yesterday and is expected to lapse on to the 10th of February 2008. Should the management of GPPOL fail to respond to SINUW, officials state that a strike action may commence on the 11th of February 2008.

The General Secretary of SINUW, Mr. Tony Kagovai, said that the strike is centered on the continuous refusal to grant recognition to SINUW. Mr Kagovai stated that SINUW is "the legitimate body representing the employees of GPPOL with regards to their terms and conditions of service, wages, allowances and incentives".

Mr. Kagovai said that apart from that, the management of GPPOL appears to be using the land owners association against the workers and the Union.

"The management has gone as far as reintroducing discriminatory policies on employment opportunities, which is often against Malaitan workers and employees from other provinces," said Kagovai.

"It is a total breach according to the Solomon Islands National Constitution and also International Conventions."

"Solomon Islands are a member of the United Nation and therefore, we are duly bound by these conventions," added Mr Kagovai.

"I want to call on the Prime Minister to look at this issue, in order for the reconciliation to work, his government should abolish such discriminatory policies," he added.

GPPOL management said that they are yet to see the strike notice and as such have no comments to make.