Solomon Islands former Prime Minister says there is no regret over decisions made that led to the downfall of his government.

Manasseh Sogavare, who is now Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition, made the comment following criticisms that he could have saved the Grand Coalition for Change Government had he "humbly stepped aside as Prime Minister and allowed for a new leadership within the same camp".

Mr. Sogavare, who describes the view as absurd nonsense, told SIBC that unlike former Prime Ministers who resigned before debate on a no0confidence motion against them for misconduct in office, his case was not one of misconduct.

He added that since the personal dislike for him was only based on his leadership style and not one of misconduct, he saw no good reason to bow out from office by way of resignation.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that the Opposition Leader has left for Australia.

SIBC news reports that Mr. Sogavare left Honiara on Thursday last week on a brief private visit to Australia.

The Opposition Office could not confirm if the un-announced visit by the Opposition leader was to pay courtesy and friendly visit to his former ally, Julian Moti, who is currently under court bail in Australia awaiting trial on alleged child sex charges.

Mr. Sogavare is expected back in Honiara at the end of this week.