The Acting Inspector Director Mr. Teraka says officers in the area have been involved in patrols around various islands and communities.

In a phone interview from Gizo, Mr. Teraka said that the patrols take place twice a month.

"We patrol around the islands in Gizo, provide awareness talks while at the same time carry out investigations," Mr. Teraka.

He said that continuous patrolling around the islands and communities has proven to be "very effective".

Communities form themselves community policing groups, who are mandated to assist police by giving awareness to prevent crimes happening in their area and reporting matters arising to police, Mr. Teraka said.

The Acting Inspector Director also gave credit to the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands for their assistance in giving awareness talks on policing in communities around the Western Province.

"We appreciate what they are doing for us from day to day, which has helped the people of Gizo to maintain a peaceful provincial capital, and restoring everything to normalcy in the tsunami stricken area," Mr. Teraka added.