Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Dr. Derek Sikua, is embarking on a dialogue process with the Malaita Provincial Government.

Dr. Derek Sikua paid his first provincial visit yesterday after Parliament elected him as the nation's Prime Minister.

The one-day visit to Auki, the provincial capital, marks his first step towards national reconciliation with the people of Malaita.

Prime Minister Sikua's visit attracted more than 1000 people to the provincial capital to witness and welcome his delegation.

In his public speech, Prime Minister apologized to all Malaitans for the offences and injustice that were committed to them during the recent ethnic tension.

Prime Minister Sikua said a dialogue process with the Malaita Provincial Government paves the way to establishing understanding of people of other provinces.

He vowed that his government will work extra hard on ensuring a meaningful reconciliation between the people of Malaita and Guadalcanal.

Having said that, he added that he is very glad to learn the Malaita Provincial Government led by Premier Richard Irosaea has commenced reconciliations in Malaita.

"I ask of you to give yourselves totally to this goal and join the government and the rest of Solomon Islands in our national journey towards a lasting and viable peace based on mutual respect, understanding and Christian love," said Dr. Sikua.

The gathering was reminded that reconciliation can only be meaningful if it is based on truth, while forgiveness is only possible if there is sincere repentance.

"Truth, sincere repentance and forgiveness are the perquisites for a meaningful reconciliation," added Dr. Sikua.

He added that the perquisites are essential if people are to see healing in the lives of all who had been suffered with crimes and injustices from the recent ethnic tension.

The Prime Minister concluded in his statement that "a healed people make a healed nation, so let us commit ourselves to seek true healing and let us not stop until we see it on our land".