The Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) is pleased to announce that it will be working with Miles Partnership to develop the Pacific Benchmarking Programme and to design, a Digital Skills and Technology Needs Assessment and e-learning Modules for SPTO member countries.

As part of the New Zealand government-funded Pacific Digital Tourism Transformation Project (Phase 2), these activities are linked to the Capability and Connections pillar of SPTO’s Digital Strategy, which seeks to develop the region’s digital activities and programmes.

In acknowledging the appointment of Miles Partnership for the two activities, SPTO CEO Christopher Cocker mentioned that these activities will boost and extend SPTO and its member’s digital capabilities, in line with its Digital Strategy.

“Building digital skills, knowledge, and experience through these activities is a critical component of Phase 2 and to the overall implementation of our Digital Strategy. This project recognizes the importance of digital transformation, which has become even more important against the backdrop of post- pandemic recovery”, Mr. Cocker said.

He added that the development of the digital indicators and metrics to measure returns on marketing investment and the use of these indicators to develop a benchmarking platform will enable SPTO and NTOs to assess digital marketing performance against other destinations, which is vital to the Pacific remaining competitive in the global market.

Source: SPTO Media