Workers of the Guadalcanal Plains Palm Oil Ltd. (GPPOL) complain that living in 'a match box' is not suitable for families.

Speaking to Solomon Times, a reliable insider said that with all the years of operation, they are expecting a more comfortable stay for their families than being in what he describes as "a match box".

"Who would ever want to stay in such a tight up arrangement?" he complained, explaining that each block has eight rooms with four families sharing one bathroom and toilet.

The insider said that the building lacks fresh air and there is no lounge room to relax, "it's just really uncomfortable".

It was raised that risks of health problem is the main concern.

The insider said another problem with the living arrangement is domestic row among the occupants.

"Lack of respect for one another is causing domestic row among occupants in the block," Solomon Times was informed.

The insider described the labour line as unhealthy and if inspected by health authorities, "GPPOL will definitely not operate until the matter is being looked into and taken care of".

It was revealed that the issue has been raised and "so many times we have asked for improvement to our standard of living but nothing has been to address our concern".

There is a high need for responsible authorities to look into the problem which, once solved, will make workers happy and motivate them to continue enjoying their job, the insider said.