Solomon Islands Karate Federation (SIKF) has taken a significant step forward in terms of martial art development.

This was following their completion of the High–Performance Athlete Induction 3-stage process, and becoming the first NF who will finally have full access to the SINIS facility for training programs & services.

SIKF President Rex Kenihiria expressed that being able to have such an opportunity is inspiring – taking the martial discipline to the High - Performance level.

“For us, we are very happy! This is the first time for most of our athletes to train on an actual combat zone with mats, and in an environment that is conducive for athlete training,” Kenihiria stated.

Kenihiria mentioned that prior to sealing the SINIS High–Performance partnership their training was not whole rounded, having to train on hard surface – and now they are fortunate to train on a proper combat zone (mat).

“This will develop and improve our athletes to train to the fullest capacity.

“We were not able to train our athletes with take-down techniques, as facilities that we used before weren’t fully equipped with combat equipment. But with the SINIS HP our athletes will be holistically trained,” he said.

Categorized in the High–Performance Portfolio 1 – SIKF will now schedule their sessions through bookings for services and programs offered at SINIS.

“I would like to encourage other federations, to make use of the opportunity that SINIS is providing as this is the way forward for sport for this country, not only for sports but also for our athletes. With the equipment and the services that the SINIS institute and its staff are providing, we can better our athletes in their respective sports."

Furthermore, the president said that the High – Performance assistance will enable their athletes and coaches to look into their nutrition habits, academic performance, well-being & lifestyle awareness, mental health and the importance through the art of responsibility to the local community as a great citizen.

Source: SINIS Media