The Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) contingent in Brisbane Australia participated in Daniels Defense 5.56 mm Rifle Instructor Qualifying Program during the week ending Friday 4 March 2022.

Elements of that training included:

• Incorporating the Daniels Defense 5.56 mm rifle into Active Armed Offender tactics;

• Understanding your training environment and orientate the environment to best meet your training needs and requirements;

• Training course safety and requirements including equipment, venues, training staff and student ratios;

• Coordinating scenarios as the lead training officer, safety officer and how important the role player is to a successful outcome;

• Understanding and nurturing a respectful relationship between instructors and students to build positive training environments, confidence, enthusiasm and discipline; and

• How to pitch training to all students while identifying the learning needs of individuals and how best to develop their skills and abilities within given timeframes;

• Managing a training timetable; and

• Designing scenarios to strengthen the understanding of use of force policies and procedures and protecting human rights at all times.

The armourers this week were spent with Daniels Defense armourers and developed a strong understanding of the Daniels Defense MK18 rifle operating system. This includes the practical skills and confidence to repair, maintain and service the firearm for operational and training requirements.

This week is the final week of the training in Australia for the contingent. This week will see the armourers participate in training on a new weapon anticipated to increase a capability already held by the RSIPF. Armourers will learn to service, maintain and repair the Barrett MRAD rifle, which will replace aging firearms already held by the RSIPF. PRT and Operational Safety Trainer (OST) officers will participate in some advanced training designed to assess, challenge and improve the handling skills of these operators.

RSIPF and Australian Federal Police (AFP) Policing Partnership Program (RAPPP) and the training contingent are also trialling a new material to develop a new uniform for the Police Response Team (PRT).

The contingent is scheduled to return on Friday 11 March 2022.

Source: RSIPF Media