Opposition Leader Hon Matthew Wale says authorities need to pull up their socks in enforcing COVID-19 measures and restrictions within the emergency zones.

Hon Wale made the call following the statement from the health minister last night that people are not adhering to measures such as wearing masks, social distancing, hand sanitizing, use of vaccination cards and when traveling in public transport.

Whilst encouraging people not to be complacent, Hon Wale said it is also the duty of authorities to make sure people adhere to the COVID measures and restrictions.

“People should not be complacent but then again, authorities need to pull up their socks and make sure people adhere to these rules,” he said.

The Opposition Leader said other countries have imposed strict fines for people who do not adhere to COVID-19 safety measures and it is something the government and authorities ought to consider.

He encouraged law-enforcing agencies to practice what they preach and to be physically on the streets to enforce the COVID-19 these measures.

Hon Wale on the other hand has reiterated his earlier calls for the government to provide free masks to the people.

The Opposition Leader said the cheapest masks on the counters are single day use surgical masks that costs around $4-$5.

He said people could not afford to pay for this to use each day, as it is too expensive at this current state of health crisis and state of economy.

“Whilst we encourage people to wear masks in town and in order for them to enter shops and public transports, we must also take into consideration the majority who will not have enough money to purchase masks at this time.

"Authorities should provide free masks and sanitizers in front of shops for our people or supply free masks and sanitizers to people at designated locations. It will greatly assist our people,” the Leader of Opposition reiterated.

Source: Opposition Press