Reports of health workers welfare not well looked after has irked the Opposition, calling on the government to urgently address their concerns.

Opposition Leader Hon Matthew Wale said concerns have been raised with his office from health workers that they have not been well looked after.

“We have received concerns from health workers that they have been accommodated at dormitories at KG school without proper sanitation and decent meals,” Hon Wale said.

The Opposition Leader said health workers have raised concerns that some of them have to work up to 12 hours and the government should acknowledge their commitment and hard-work during this challenging time.

“The government must not treat our health frontliners like this. These people have dedicated their lives to be away from their families and to serve this country and they deserved to be well looked after with quality care,” he said.

The Opposition Leader said the frontliners have also raised issues of fatigue and physiological strain from working long hours and not being able to be accommodated decently.

Hon Wale said most of these frontliners are dedicated health workers that have served the government and the people since the beginning up until today and that the government should not take advantage of their situation.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Leader has also questioned whether significant improvements at NRH, as stated by the minister is the true reflection of the condition at NRH.

He said it would be appropriate for the ministry of health to specifically outline the improvements at the NRH in terms of infrastructure, clinical care and the overall management.

“Not only that but the recommendations by the AUSMAT team should also be published for accountability purposes,” he said.

Source: Opposition Press