There are 138 new COVID-19 cases in the country, most of which are from the provinces.

The Minister of Health and Medical services, Dr Culwick Togamana, gave the COVID-19 situational update this evening.

He says from the 138 new cases 10 are recorded in Honiara and 128 are in the provinces.

The following are cases reported from the provinces;


Out of 144 swabs taken 66 have returned positive. The total positive COVID-19 cases in Malaita is now 345. The Minister says currently two are on oxygen at the Kilu’ufi hospital, others have mild symptoms. He says one of the deaths recorded was fully vaccinated, but had underlying health conditions.


Western province has only recorded one new case, taking their total positive cases to 117.


There are 17 new cases recorded on Wagina, taking the total positive cases to 36. The Minister is calling on those in Wagina to limit movement and monitor symptoms, and where possible self-isolate while testing continue.


There are 11 new cases reported, taking the total positive cases in Isabel to 33.


There are 23 new cases recorded, taking the total to 75 positive cases in Central. The Minister says of concern is the 3 new cases recorded on Russel Islands. He says further tests will be conducted in Russel, with people being asked to limit movements.

Other provinces have not been able to report back within the 24-hour reporting period, but an update will be given tomorrow. Temotu and Rennell Bellona remain COVID-19 free.

The total cumulative cases of positive COVID-19 for the country now stands at 3,795.