The Minister of Health and Medical services Dr Culwick Togamana has spoken out against stigmatizing those that have tested positive for COVID-19.

“Fellow citizens, these are unprecedented times, the challenge remains that we work together to eliminate the virus from our shores.

“In doing so, it is important that we refrain from stigmatization or stigmatizing others because they are carrying the infection nor label them with names,” the Health Minister said.

He says instigating and promoting stigmatization during the outbreak will only further hamper efforts to contain the spread of the virus.

“Many people will not want to come forward for testing nor admit to carrying COVID-19 symptoms due to fear of being stigmatized. Let us all work together to prevent this from happening.”

The Health Minister says what is needed during this COVID-19 pandemic is for us to support each other, as “we are stronger, more abled, and effective when we unite and join forces.”

He says there are currently a total 1,852 COVID-19 postive cases recorded in the country, most of the cases are in Honiara.