The Livelihood Sector Committee (LSC) is partnering with Honiara Central Market Vendors Association (HCMVA) to provide fresh fruits and vegetables through mobile markets within the Honiara’s emergency zone during this lock-down period.

The LSC says the lockdown is already taking its toll on Honiara residents food stock, resulting in poor diet because of closure of markets. This is exacerbated by the restriction of movements on farmers to bring their produces to the market centers in town.

Addressing this, Chairman of the Livelihood Sector Committee Michael Ho’ota said the LSC is partnering with the Honiara market vendors association (HCMVA) due to its established network with farmers and producers in and outside of Honiara.

“Our hands are stretched out through this partnership”.

“LSC is happy to work with the market vendor’s association (HCMVA) because of its network with farmers outside of the lockdown zone to sourced fresh vegetables and sell them to households in Honiara.”

This arrangement has seen the vendors association driving around in 3 three-ton vehicles marketing along the roads within East Honiara, Central and West Honiara respectively during the four days lock-down.

Despite the risk of catching the corona virus Leader of the Market Vendors Association Maureen said they are delighted to provide the mobile market services to city residences and are adhering to all covid health protocols and practices.

“This partnership creates a win-win situation for all parties involved.”

“We may not able to provide all that is needed by every family but we are trying to bring the vegetables market service to your homes while observing lockdown regulations.”

Prices of fruits and vegetables ranges from $5 for a heap of lemon fruits, cucumber, variety of cabbages $10 to $15 and a melon fruit costing as low as $40.

You can contact Honiara Central Market Vendors Association through Maureen on mobile: 7397533.

The livelihood committee is providing transport to these registered Market Vendors to participate in this mobile marketing undertaking during this lockdown.

Source: MAL/LSC