The following is the schedule for community vaccination by the MHMS and HCC mobile vaccination team, which started yesterday, 25th January 2022, and will continue through the lockdown.

Day 1 / 25.01.22: MOH Compound, Lee Kwok Kween and Burnscreek

Day 2 / 26.01.22: Jackson Ridge, Burnscreek, Ranadi and Fijian Quarter

Day 3 / 27.01.22: Fishing village, Vura, Mbaranamba, Abira and Mbokonavera

Day 4 / 28.01.22: Lau valley, Mamulele and Borderline

Day 5: 29.01.22: Naha and Naha Heights, Gilbert Camp

The public are asked to ensure that they wear their masks, maintain social distancing and wash their hands before and after queuing for their vaccine dose.

The public is also advised that should movement to the vaccination mobile team is required, they are exempted and can leave their homes, but this is strictly for vaccination purposes only. People are asked to immediately return to their homes after they are vaccinated.

With MHMS Media