The Minister of Health and Medical services Dr Culwick Togamana is reminding the public of the penalties associated with breaching COVID-19 orders.

“As you may have already known, the new regulation 15(1) (b) and (c) of the Emergency Power (COVID-19 (No.3) came into effect on Saturday 22nd January 2022.

“The orders state that only business owners and employees who are fully vaccinated are allowed to conduct business service in the Honiara emergency zone during this current COVID-19 situation,” Dr Culwick said.

He says a person must also not enter or be on the business premises that is open unless the person is vaccinated.

Dr Culwick says a person must not be on board a bus or taxi, whether as driver, conductor or passenger, unless the person has proof of his COVID-19 vaccination.

Also, no persons under the emergency zone in Honiara are to leave his or her place of residence unless the person wears a face mask for the duration of time away from his or her place of residence.

Offenders can face a maximum penalty of 15,000SBD or 5 years imprisonment or both.