Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Health and Medical services Pauline McNeil says the country now has an additional 57 positive cases of COVID-19 today, after a 24-hour testing and reporting period.

Mrs McNeil was speaking during the Oversight Committee’s talk back show today afternoon.

She says 126 samples were tested, with 57 returning positive. She says this brings the total number of community transmission to 320 since the first case was detected.

She says at least 15% of those that tested positive are below 18 years of age, with 20% over the age of 45.

She adds that the bulk of those that have tested positive are not vaccinated, including those that are experiencing serious symptoms as a result of the infection.

People are encouraged to get vaccinated tomorrow when vaccination sites open.

Meanwhile, additional measures were also highlighted by the Oversight Committee, this includes the banning of betelnut sale and the lockdown of Burnscreek. Other localized lockdowns are also being considered.

It is still difficult to know the total number of people infected with COVID-19. What we currently have is the infection status of those that have been tested. It is very likely the numbers are a lot higher.

So far, we currently have a 40% average positive rate (total tested vs total positive). According to the WHO, a positive rate of less than 5% is one indicator that the epidemic is under control in that country.