Solomon Islands has recorded a community transmission of Covid-19 at Pelau in Ongtong Java atoll after six people tested positive for Covid-19 following the illegal entry of 10 people from Tasman Island to Pelau.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has just informed the nation in his special Covid-19 nationwide address this morning.

The Prime Minister said the number of positive cases is expected to grow rapidly in the coming weeks, and people will get ill as well as loss of life is expected.

He said the government is focusing on managing Covid transmission on Pelau, and will investigate those that cross the border.

“The government is deploying a team of 31 people, 20 health officers, six NDMO officers and five additional Police officers to Pelau to work with the community to bring it under control.

“It is distressing that the Covid is brought to us by a medical doctor whose actions are responsible for the start of community transmission in Pelau,” the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister says he is greatly saddened by this action which demonstrates a total lack of respect.

Lockdown in Ontong Java is immediate as of today. Type of variant is still not identified.

Source: SIBC News