Police Response Team (PRT) of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) were boosted with level three Public Order Management (POM) training, which was conducted by Australian Federal Police (AFP) Specialist Tactical Group at Rove police headquarters on 4 January 2022.

Central Response Unit, Guadalcanal Response Unit and Correctional Services Solomon Islands (CSII) Emergency Response Group (ERG) also form part of the training.

The training is a simulate real life situation when multiple incidents happening at the same time in different locations.

Assistant Commissioner (AC) National Operation, Ms Evelyn Thugea says, “The purpose of the training is to merge all Police Support Units together and provide them the opportunity to work with PRT, AFP front line officers, Australian Defence Force, AFP Fire Brigade and the AFP Tactical Response Group.”

AC Thugea says, “In this context, we enhancing the RSIPF capability in terms of training our officers in POM, the skills, tactics and knowledge they learn will be applicable when they go out and execute their duties when we have any disorder situation.”

Ms Thugea says, “The training provide officers the opportunity on what they expect when real situations arise, the training will boost officers confidence to confront issues of disorder.”

She says, “I would like to acknowledge AFP Specialist Tactical Group for the support rendered to our officers for this this training. It is a good training to refresh our officers and should there any situation arise we know exactly what to do.”

Source: RSIPF media