Acting Commissioner of Police, Walter Kola, says he is pleased to announce that security in Honiara was successful.

"The election of the new Prime Minister was able to occur without incident and this is very pleasing to the Police and I'm sure the entire country. I would like to thank members of the community that acted sensibly," he said.

There were some minor disturbances in the Point Cruz and Central Market areas but police responded very quickly to disperse the crowds.

Ten people were promptly arrested for a variety of disorderly-related offences and they are currently in police custody.

Some businesses closed unexpectedly, which frustrated people who wanted to continue with their daily activities.

Deputy Commissioner, Peter Marshall, urged businesses to continue normal trading as the strong police presence will be maintained.

"The unexpected closure of some businesses ... caused some frustration. I would like to see these businesses open. The Police will be out in large numbers again and no trouble is expected," he said.

Police will maintain a highly visible presence and mobile patrols continued on last night and today.

Police are calling on the community to remain peaceful overnight.

Deputy Commissioner Marshall stressed that following the successful operation, "it is important that the community continues the good behaviour".

"Police are well equipped and will be arresting anyone that causes trouble," Deputy Commissioner Marshall warned.