Solomon Airlines has confirmed the national carrier’s domestic flight schedule has recommenced today, and from tomorrow Tuesday 30 November, the airline will resume regular domestic operations.

"We have carefully evaluated the situation and the current environment and now that it is safe to operate, we can confirm we are back in operation and will be flying a limited schedule until the current curfew has been lifted,” Solomon Airlines CEO Brett Gebers confirmed.

Mr. Gebers confirmed that the national carrier’s Airbus A320-200 international aircraft today carried all delayed and urgently needed cargo and medicines to the Solomon Islands from Brisbane.

As a result, Solomon Airlines’ Dash-8 aircraft will be able to return to service tomorrow, following the delivery of parts required for maintenance. The parts had also been held up in delayed airfreight due to the recent civil unrest. The airline’s engineering team will be working overnight to ensure the aircraft can return to service immediately.

The national carrier’s third Twin Otter H4-OTA has also just returned from a short-term lease to Air Kiribati. Once this aircraft has undergone required maintenance and parts have been fitted, it will also be able to start flying again this week and assist the recovery effort.

“Safety comes first in all that we do so we had no choice but to cease operations for several days,” said Colin Sigimanu Manager Commercial for Solomon Airlines.

“We are now operating additional, recovery flights where possible to move a backlog of people and cargo affected by the cancellations. Our regular domestic schedule is limited by the curfew in Honiara which limits our ability to add flights.

“It will take time to get back to a normal schedule however we are moving as swiftly as we can and expect our normal schedule to resume as soon as the curfew is lifted.

“Our passengers can be assured that we will only fly if safe to do so, and we will continue to monitor and review all aspects of operational safety,” he said.

“If a flight is not operating we will do all that we can to contact passengers using the details they have provided. We are also very aware that it is still a fragile time for our beloved nation,” he added.

Source: Solomon Airlines