Solomon Islands Opposition bench claims to have the majority and a standing chance in tomorrow's election for a new Prime Minister.

This follows the reported shift of two government ministers to the opposition camp.

The two Members of Parliament for Temotu Province, Martin Magga and Clay Forau Soalaoi, reportedly confirmed their switch to the Opposition group yesterday.

MP for Temotu Vatud, Mr. Soalaoi's switch comes just days after revoking a commitment signed with the Opposition Group.

In a public statement Monday, the former Minister for Health and Medical Services, Mr. Soalaoi had urged former colleagues to review their original reasons for their defection and consider rejoining the GCC government.

On the other hand, MP for Temotu Pele, Mr. Magga, initially joined with the ministers in a historical mass resignation from the Sogavare-led government last month but returned two days later to be sworn-in as Minister for Law and Justice.

In yet another twist to the country's political impasse, the reported addition further strengthens chances for Opposition candidate, Dr. Derek Sikua, in the election for Prime Ministership.

The Opposition claim to now have 27 MPs in their camp, which calculates the caretaker government with only 20 in their favour.