Three male persons are currently in police custody, accused of a sorcery related killing in Veravalou village, Aola.

Police confirmed that the three suspects are currently at the Henderson Police Station, and have since admitted to the killing.

Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Alfred Uiga says: “Both parties, including five Chiefs and legal representatives, met for a hearing at the Henderson Police Station.

"During the hearing there were five witnesses who confirmed that the trio were responsible for the killing, the suspects have since admitted that they were responsible for the death of the deceased on 5 November 2021," PPC Uiga adds.

Mr Uiga says, “After the hearing, the Chiefs have decided on the penalties according to Guadalcanal custom, including what the suspect’s side should give to the deceased family on the reconciliation day which was set to be held at Aola Police Station on 27 June 2022.”

PPC Uiga says, “I strongly warned both parties to respect each other and not to take law into their own hands but respect the Chief’s decision on this matter.”

“Police investigation into the alleged matter surrounding their (suspects) admission during the custom hearing (inquiry) is continuing.”

With RSIPF Media Unit