With the upcoming election of the new Prime Minister tomorrow, the Chief Executive Officer of Transparency Solomon Islands, Mr. Joses Tuhanuku, said that there is no need for a candidate from the outgoing government side.

Speaking to Solomon Times, Mr. Tuhanuku said that following the past debate at the National Parliament last Thursday, it is obvious that the Opposition has the number.

"Since the Opposition has the number, they should form the new government, and a new Prime Minister should be elected from the new government," Mr. Tuhanuku added.

He said a new government should be in place "because the public want to see a change in Solomon Islands".

Mr. Tuhanuku said people want to see a new government in office to run and assess the country, and to make some real changes.

With two candidates contesting for the Prime Minister post, "Dr. Derek Sikua should take the post as the new Prime Minister," he added.

Mr. Tuhanuku said that as a leader of the new government, Dr. Sikua should be elected and the public to assess the performance of the new group.

He said that a new government should be given a chance to perform, "as we have already seen that the Sogavare-led government did nothing good for the country".

The Transparency Solomon Islands CEO said that from his personal view, a new government will be better than that of the previous government.

Mr. Tuhanuku pointed out that the outgoing government has done nothing for the country except to "waste time with the Attorney-General and the Police Commissioner".

"It is time for a change of government who will address the problems in Solomon Islands, and prioritize reconciliation in our communities to attract investment in our country," said Mr. Tuhanuku.

He said that attracting investors into the country will create job opportunities for the unemployed citizens.