Solomon Islands representative at the current World Expo 2020 in Dubai has been invited to witness Russia’s Space Programme display.

Space exploration has become an invaluable tool, offering entirely new perspectives on Spaceship Earth.

What if we could bring these cosmic perspectives into our lives on Earth, challenging our purpose, value systems, sense of time, and notions of progress.

These are some of the major innovations that have been undertaken by world superpower Russia as it continues to build upon its plans to be a global leader in Space exploration.

Solomon Islands Deputy Commissioner General and Pavilion Director to the Expo 2020 Mr Dennis Marita attended a conference with the theme ‘Landscape of the future Space Industry’.

The panelists were both former Russian cosmonauts and scientists.

Key speakers at the conference included Mr Valentin Uvarov, the CEO of the Space Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Mr Sulaiman Al Ain, Chief Executive Officer of Thuraya, the UAE’s first home grown satellite operator.

Mr Uvarov said that Russia as a global leader in Space Science was hopeful that Small Islands Developing States like the Solomon Islands would one day be part of the international community who are already involved in such programs.

Mr Sulaiman was also optimistic that the Solomon Islands like other developing Island nations would also realize the importance of fully understanding the huge work being carried out by such leading Space explorations like Russia and the benefits such research will have on our development.

DCG Marita says he is hopeful that the influence by a major nation like Russia will also benefit future generations in the Solomon Islands who may one day decide to pursue a career in space science and astronomy.

The field of astronomy and space science may still be an area beyond our reach, however, the impact it has on our lives today is very real and touched much of every corner of the globe through space innovations like satellite communication, weather science, cyber security, and others.

Solomon Islands can be an active participant in space innovations and technology in future if it starts now by capacitating its human resources through training. UAE, Russia and even the USA have training institutions in space science and technology. Solomon Islands can capitalize on our relationship with these countries to train our people for future engagement in this area.

Source: GCU