The Minister of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening (MPGIS) has invoked section 47 of the Provincial Government Act to formally adjourn Malaita Provincial Government’s meeting today (October 27) to a date to be determined by the Speaker in accordance with Order 57 or otherwise.

Honourable Rollen Seleso took the action with great disappointment upon learning that members of Malaita Provincial Assembly were barred from entering the Provincial Assembly Chambers.

He says such actions are a threat to democracy and principles of representative Government. Hon. Seleso added that he had to take the action as MPAs were prevented from completing the process of standing orders.

Therefore, the Assembly could not adjourn the Assembly proceedings in accordance with the Standing Orders.

The Minister meanwhile calls for peace and calm, urging MPAs, chiefs and community leaders to work together to maintain peace and harmony.

Honourable Seleso urged people not to interfere with the work of the Provincial Assembly and allow the process of democracy to roll.

The Minister further commended the Choiseul Provincial Assembly for upholding the processes under the Provincial Government and allowing the democracy to prevail to protect the democratic principle of majority rule.

Source: GCU