The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) through its Extension Department recently facilitated a Kava training in Kolombangara aimed at enhancing the capacity of local Kava farmers to produce quality Kava.

A lead kava grower from South Vella La Vella under MAL Export Crop Programme  supported the training that ran from 23rd - 24th August. 

Focused on hands-on practical sessions, the two-day training covered Kava harvesting, processing and sun drying procedures with the ambition to support existing and interested Kava growers around Ringi area on Kolombangara Island to engage into proper Kava processing procedures, for improved, quality and marketable Kava product outputs for export.

Total of 22 farmers from ward 12 around Ringi area participated in the training.

“This training is important for Kava farmers to meet and produce quality kava product for export marketing. Kava product demand is high locally and overseas, therefore need more attention on processing procedures,” MAL Chief Field Officer for Western Province, Mr. Sipuru Rove said.

He said more kava processing trainings is planned and will be conducted in Kava growing areas in the Province in due time.

Mr. Rove while acknowledging participants, said that many have acquired a lot of new and useful information during the practical activities which will boost their farming in kava production.

Mr. Rove thanked MAL through its Extension Department for its continuous support towards Western Province Extension Division activities and programs and also acknowledged lead Kava trainer, Mr Patrick Soruevo for experiences and knowledge shared.

Members and Extension Officers involved in the training are; Patrick Soruevo, Lead Kava Trainer, Jayson Soruevo, Kava trainer, Joseph Lui, Research Officer – Ringi, Natasha Kilo, Extension Officer and Francis Tulo, Extension Officer.


Source: Press Release, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock