The issue of the position of the Commissioner of Police will be up for discussion when a new government is in place.

Solomon Islands Opposition Leader, Fred Fono, made clear that changes will be made after the election for new Prime Minister on Thursday, and one is the Commissioner of Police, Jahir Khan's place in office.

While not coming outright in a possible replacement, Mr. Fono described Commissioner Khan's appointment as "improper" and a matter for the new government to discuss.

In an interview with the Fiji Times, Commissioner Khan had stated intentions of returning to Solomon Islands in two weeks time to resume duty.

He told Fiji Times that termination of his contract would require the Solomon Islands government to pay off the 18 months due of salary remaining on his contract.

The Opposition Leader, Mr. Fono, has voiced confidence that the Opposition's candidate for the post of Prime Minister, former education minister, Derek Sikua, would gain the majority of votes.