Five of Our Telekom Student Apprentices have successfully completed their training and graduated with Technician Certificates from the Telikom Training College (TTC) in Lae, Papua New Guinea.

The October graduation followed 18 weeks of training on a certified Cable & Wireless Course, the City & Guild Certificate in Telecommunications, delivered by the College.

Sponsored by Our Telekom, the opportunity saw Ernest Siota, Mary Ramo, Aaron Hopa, Florence Kanapitu and Belsharzzar Gina Tekulu training for the certificate.

Mr. Siota and Ms. Ramo attended the training since last year while Mr. Hopa and Ms. Tekulu went for the training programme early this year.

One of the trainees, Mr. Hope, said the training has equipped them with technical knowledge and skills they need, which enables them to be able to work confidently with Our Telekom.

"It has also broadened our understanding of the telecommunication systems involved and given us exposure to test instruments and equipments used," he said.

Mr. Hope, on behalf of the student colleagues, conveyed gratitude to Our Telekom for the sponsorship and the possibility to travel back to PNG to attend the graduation ceremony.

"We hope that the company would continue to send more apprentices to train in TTC, PNG in the future," he said.